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    E-commerce automation: Ocado bags a revolution


    Many in automotive logistics like to think they’re at the cutting edge of automation and information technology. But as grocery e-retailer Ocado demonstrates, those in the car sector could learn a lot from the way other products are being handled and distributed

  • Future City

    Material World


    Changes in the very make-up of vehicles will dramatically reshape the outbound sector.It is not what has changed in automotive logistics over the past ten years that is remarkable, so much as what has not. Much in the world’s economy is almost unrecognisable compared to a decade ago, including the ...

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    A brighter day for LSPs


    Thomas Cullen says automotive is once again a logistics growth driver...for now.

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    Heavy ideas on weighty prices


    There is a feeling among some high-and-heavy manufacturers that the prices they pay to logistics providers do not always correspond to the service they receive, particularly in relation to the car industry. But should such OEMs be more grateful, particularly to shipping lines, whose services are essential to their global ...

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    The Moroccan connection


    Thomas Cullen analyses Renault’s ambitious plan to produce nearly half a million cars a year at a new manufacturing complex in the Moroccan port of Tangiers.

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    The Kaluga Alternative


    In theory, Kaluga should not work as an automotive cluster. It is under-developed, fairly remote and there is a limited labour base. But the attitude adopted by the local authorities and innovative logistics are winning carmakers over

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    Making the most out of Mexico


    The lack of investment in Mexico’s supply base offers good opportunities for third party providers to bring in their expertise and improve their competitive standing. DHL Supply Chain is one such provider that is making inroads

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    A pivot to the automotive world?


    Already integral to European vehicle production, Turkey is back on track to becoming a base for automotive output on a global scale, but OEMs operating there need to tackle the risks involved in their disparate and over-extended supply chains

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    Is the giant ready to grow again?


    Ceva has faced financial difficulty for the past two years as it coped with debt and recession. Whilst the debt has not gone away, the company is now sufficiently profitable to look at growth. Thomas Cullen has been talking to Ceva’s CEO John Pattullo and considers the company’s options

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    Toyota’s true strength


    Toyota’s recall crisis is a serious threat to its reputation, but its abiding strength has been how rigorously it manages its supply chain and production. In that respect Toyota must get back to its roots