dhl_Orioimage FVOrio UK, the only supplier of Saab original aftermarket parts, has signed a deal with logistics provider, DHL Supply Chain, for next day delivery to service centres around the UK. Orio UK is a regional division of Orio, formerly Saab Automobile Parts.

DHL will provide a free overnight delivery service on orders placed to Saab authorised service centres and garages before 2pm. The company will work with Orio at its parts distribution centre in Hatfield and the parts will be distributed across DHL’s existing network.

According to the DHL it will be delivering of a diverse range of parts such as service kits, brakes, airbags and batteries, including over 100 crash repair items.

“With over 180,000 Saab vehicles active on UK roads there is an on-going need for Saab parts, although many garages and bodyshops believe they are difficult to get hold of,” explained Corin Richards, managing director at Orio UK. “This is a misperception that we are now addressing. With our new UK distribution centre now open and fulfilling orders next day, we can genuinely say that servicing and repair of Saabs has never been easier.”

DHL is providing Orio with full visibility of parts throughout the delivery process. The system also allows parts to be registered on the system by the service centres and returned to the Hatfield distribution centre.

“By leveraging DHL’s knowledge in aftermarket service, we are providing Orio with the logistics and infrastructure it requires to meet customer demand and ensure that parts are with garages in optimum time,” said Bill Bacon, managing director of Automotive at DHL Supply Chain

The last attempt to make Saab vehicles was buy Chinese consortium, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the last owner of Saab, but production stopped in 2014 and the company collapsed. Orio signed a contract with company to acquire all the tools located at suppliers and used for producing Saab parts for all existing models.