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  • toyotacopysdhote1

    Toyota makes major shift to rail for vehicle moves in Europe


    Toyota has started exporting vehicles made at its Burnaston plant in the UK to Europe on rail via the Channel Tunnel. It is also importing vehicles produced at the Valenciennes plant in France to the UK along the same route.

  • ACC_plant

    Local battery production promises to re-industrialise Europe


    Localising lithium-ion battery production in Europe through greater vertical integration does not just promise a more secure battery supply chain. It could play a major role in the industrial salvation of a market that has lost its competitive footing against stronger Asian rivals in the race to a more sustainable future of mobility. What is needed to make good on that promise is strong collaboration amongst the companies involved in securing the future of electric vehicle production.

  • PortLA_night-shift

    An ongoing crisis for terminal throughput


    Supply chain delays that were initially viewed as temporary hiccups have now morphed into a prolonged crisis as global trade dynamics have been upended

  • VW_digital_factory

    A shift in priorities for the supply chain


    Ongoing disruption in the automotive supply chain has triggered a focus on supply chain visibility and robustness as the means to secure healthy global networks

  • IMG_8499

    A visible improvement at Nissan


    Nissan North America is putting in place more strategic supply chain processes backed up by the latest technology to provide better visibility and predictive analysis in the delivery of its vehicles

  • ALFVL Winter edition 2021_cover

    AL FVL Winter 2021 digital edition – Vision80: a new line of sight for Lotus Cars


    The winter edition of Automotive and Finished Vehicle Logistics magazine is out now, featuring an in-depth focus on the fast-paced transformation at Lotus Cars. Michael Dickinson, executive director of supply at the high-end sportscar maker, explains how integrating supply chain functions and scaling operations will put Lotus on the map. ...

  • Sam-Moores_Evija-at-Duke-of-London

    Start-up pace, high-end experience at Lotus


    Lotus Cars is charging ahead on its transformation into a globally recognised sportscar maker. Michael Dickinson, executive director of supply, explains how integrating supply chain functions and scaling operations will put the company on the map

  • Lead_Image_CP-PLUS-KCS

    A more reliable rail network for North America


    At this year’s Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conference KCS president and CEO, Patrick Ottensmeyer talked in detail about his company’s merger with Canadian Pacific

  • GMBatteries05

    GM furthers efforts to make EV supply chain sustainable


    GM is building on its efforts to make the supply of materials for electric vehicle production more sustainable and has joined the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance, which was set up to set up to drive more socially and environmentally responsible mining

  • Factorial_Small_and_Large_Batteries_TLA_Partnership

    Mercedes and Stellantis sign deals with solid-state start-up


    The two OEMs are looking for greater range per charge and more safety, both of which solid-state batteries provide compared to today’s lithium-ion batteries

  • Customer is always right FVL North America.jpg

    Why vehicle dealers and customers want real-time visibility of distribution pipelines


    With vehicle inventories low, and more customers buying vehicles to order or with longer waiting times, the urgency for visibility in the pipeline is now critical for dealerships such as those for Chevrolet – and their end customers. And increasingly, the technology to achieve this tracking exists. This session features learnings from GM, FreightVerify, Glovis America and Black Widow

  • Steve Jernigan, Nissan North America

    Partnering to prepare for the coming outbound crisis – in conversation with Nissan’s Steve Jernigan


    Nissan North America’s Steve Jernigan thinks the focus of supply chain constraints will soon shift from inbound to finished vehicle logistics, and encourages stakeholders in industry to work together during the opening session of Finished Vehicle Logistics North America 2021

  • 292142_id4_shipments_622102

    A more sustainable supply chain does not have to cost the earth


    Sustainability does not have to elicit the C-word but can actually be achieved as a side-effect of more efficient logistics planning and better visibility based on lead time optimisation

  • 2022-GMC-HUMMER-EV-Ultium-054-inside-ultium

    Localising the balance of power at GM


    GM is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to stated goals for electric and autonomous vehicle production in North America. Closer integration with its battery suppliers is key to success, as is its strategic alliance with Honda, writes Marcus Williams 

  • Cover shot_ALFVL Autumn

    AL FVL Autumn 2021 digital edition – Moving forward together through disruption


    The autumn digital edition of Automotive Logistics and Finished Vehicle Logistics magazine is out now, featuring a four-part, in-depth special on Renault Group, in which its top executive for supply chain and logistics, Jean-François Salles, explains the supply chain revolution underway at the carmaker

  • United Road President and CEO Mark Anderson (r.) with Tim Sandford, professional carhauler

    United Road applies Guaranteed Pay scheme to all company drivers


    As the finished vehicle logistics sector battles with a severe driver shortage United Road is extending its new pay scheme to include all drivers, providing them with greater security 

  • Central Bajio VDC_illustration

    Mexican OEMs to benefit from strategic VDC in Guanajuato


    A new vehicle distribution centre being developed in the Mexican state of Guanajuato promises to speed up multimodal delveries of finished vehicles in North America while also more efficiently turning around available rail wagons

  • P90441357_highRes_new-sustainability-t

    BMW aims at zero-emission transport logistics at Munich plant


    To coincide with the start of production of the fully electric BMW i4 at its Munich assembly plant in Germany, the carmaker has also launched a project to completely cut local emissions from the transport logistics used to feed parts into the plant.

  • Akhil Dabas, Tech Mahindra

    The power of data-driven supply chains – ALSC Ideas Lab wrap-up


    Following a workshop on data-driven supply chain at ALSC Global, Tech Mahindra’s Akhil Dabas discusses the role that integrated data analytics can play in influencing supplier and manufacturing decisions.

  • Chris Styles (Nissan), Christopher Ludwig (Automotive Logistics)

    Rethinking the semiconductor supply chain


    Executives from Nissan North America, electronics supplier Johnson Electric and semiconductor association SEMI Americas discuss the longer-term strategies required to make the automotive semiconductor supply chain more stable and secure.