Rene Eisbrich

Austrian transport provider Lagermax Autologistik has made changes to its management this month with the promotion of Rene Eisbrich (pictured), former vice-president of customer services at the company, moving to the role of chief operations officer (COO), and the appointment of Konrad Zwirner to the position of chief commercial officer (CCO). Zwirner has moved from his role as European strategic development director at BCA Marketplace, the UK finished vehicle logistics and auction specialist.

Eisbrich has been with Lagermax for 15 years and has been a member of the Advisory Board during that time.

“We have created an ‘executive triangle’ with CCO and COO supporting the CEO [Thomas Baumgartner] in the strategic development of Lagermax business unit Autologistik,” said Eisbrich. “The role of this executive board will be the definition, repeat[ed] evaluation and monitoring of the implementation of the strategy called “on the way to 2030”. The continuous growth of the business division Autologistik has been set with clear long-term targets.”

Eisbrich explained that the company’s mid-term “Agenda 2022” plan provided guidelines for the Lagermax subsidiaries to cope with the upcoming challenges in vehicle logistics (as well as other sectors).

“With our 5-pillar strategy we are providing a setup of our business processes according to the futures needs of mobility,” said Eisbrich. “With a clear commitment to business excellence we will set a benchmark for the industry in terms of customer focus and efficiency.”

Zwirner has 25-years’ experience in the vehicle logistics sector and spent 18 of them working for Hödlmayr International. He was also a co-founder of the Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG).

"We have managed to gain a connoisseur of the European automotive market for the Lagermax Group, which will support our efforts to create sustainable added value for our customers with even greater customer proximity and innovative marketing and logistics solutions," said Baumgartner.

Zwirner acknowledged that Lagermax Autologistik was part of a market leading logistics group in central and southern Eastern Europe, and said that the automotive division had established a best-in-class compound network in all major countries in the region serving national and international automotive customers with multimodal links.

“One agenda point will include an internationalisation and partnership strategy for long distance transportation which could include a multimodal alliance,” he said. “One of the first tasks will be to put the client focus first across the whole business processes and entities. We want to be very close to our clients and design solutions in a proactive way.”