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  • Hellman

    Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

    Hellmann Worldwide Logistics offers global solutions for the automotive industry’s logistics requirements for inbound production material and the distribution of spare parts. Our dedicated experts optimize supply chains 24/7, from procurement to delivery of final product. Making it work better every day, Hellmann is the ...

  • Macro Plastics logo -w-IPL)-01

    Macro Plastics


    Macro Plastics is the leading manufacturer of returnable and sustainable packaging solutions designed to optimize the global supply chain. The IsoBin Family of foldable bins are designed optimize the worldwide transportation of automotive parts. High capacity, light tare weight, IsoBin containers deliver greater cost efficiencies ...

  • orbis


    Reusable packaging products and services improve the flow of items along the automotive supply chain. With 50 global locations, ORBIS helps OEMs and suppliers move their product faster, more easily, more safely and more cost-effectively. From packaging design to production, ORBIS ...

  • ProAct



    ProAct has been heavily immersed in all aspects of finished vehicle logistics since the late 1990s. Today, it the primary focus of the business and we are rapidly gaining momentum in our goal to become a recognised global best-of-breed logistics solution. Our unique and highly flexible solutions ...