US railroad company, Union Pacific, has consolidated four of its subsidiaries into one logistics entity as part of a reorganisation of marketing and sales that also sees six of its business units reduced to four.

As part of the change, the company's automotive and intermodal business units have been combined to form a Premium unit to be led by Jason Hess.

The other three units will be Agricultural Products, Energy and Industrial. The company's rail network extends into 23 US states within the western two-thirds of the US.

"These changes more closely align our team structure around the markets we serve, giving us a focused opportunity to provide exceptional transportation products to our customers," said Beth Whited, executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

From November 1st, four subsidiaries - Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS), Streamline, ShipCarsNow and Insight Network Logistics (INL) - will combine to form the Loup Logistics Company, which will be led by Shawntell Kroese.

Loup will be located at the Union Pacific Railroad headquarters in Omaha.

“As a consolidated logistics company, Loup will be better able to support long-term growth for our customers and Union Pacific," Whited said. "Merging the subsidiaries yields a company with a more robust portfolio of shipping and logistics services and an employee base with a greater breadth of expertise, both of which help us better serve our customers."

The company is also changing the name of the National Customer Service Center to Customer Care & Support to “more closely align with the core focus of that team”, which will be led by Kari Kirchhoefer.

"We continue to look for ways to improve the customer experience we provide, and the Customer Care & Support team plays an integral role in that mission," Whited said.