Wilhelm Automotive has announced its partnership with hybrid vehicle construction and repair group The Hybrid Shop (THS). The alliance will bring hybrid-electric vehicle diagnostics, repair and maintenance services to locations in Arizona. 

The independently owned Wilhelm Automotive, which specialises in car repair operations, will partner with THS to bring services to seven locations in Arizona. THS was founded last year and offers dealers a ‘business within a business’ to provide hybrid battery conditioning, motor-generator testing, power inverter and control system testing and a variety of other hybrid vehicle-specific services.

“We are excited to join THS as a dealer,” said Chris Garman, Wilhelm’s automotive president. “We see the future of the hybrid and EV markets, and were looking for a way to meet the needs of an underserved market in the Phoenix area. Our partnership with THS gives us that opportunity by providing expert training, support and products that will set us apart.”

THS also allows battery-reconditioning packs, which allows owners of hybrid cars to restore, instead of replace, vehicle batteries. According to the company, this service is effective at restoring up to 95% of the battery pack’s original power and energy. To facilitate the partnership, Wilhelm’s staff and technicians have undertaken training for use with the new hybrid technology, which has included an on-site four-day training course on hybrid diagnostics. 

Matt Curry, CEO of The Hybrid Shop, said: THS is excited to welcome Wilhelm Automotive as our newest dealer partner. We are ecstatic to add their expertise, strong reputation for quality service, and ties to their community and their commitment to customer service.