Acumen Automotive Logistics has been awarded a contract by Ontime Automotive to pick up and deliver London taxis for LTI Vehicles.
As part of the new contract, Acumen will transport finished vehicles from LTI’s Coventry manufacturing plant and deliver them to the company’s distribution facility in Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, on behalf of Ontime Automotive. It will then transport the taxis to customers across the UK, including London, and is expected to move around 2,500 taxis each year.
"The primary contract holder with LTI is Ontime Automotive who subsequently award a contract to a selected carrier for the plant clearance and distribution,” Acumen’s business development director, Peter Raybould, told Automotive Logistics News. “LTI are completely involved in the selection process.”
The company, which is a subsidiary of Acumen Logistics Group, made its first venture into finished vehicle movements last year with the movement of Land Rovers for export from UK ports. Following an increase in its fleet of carriers last September, when it incorporated the assets of Auto UK Logistics (read more here), the latest contract with Ontime for LTI represents a further in investment in transporter equipment.
Chris Doughty, Acumen’s managing director, said: “We are delighted to be associated with such an iconic brand which further expands our involvement in the UK automotive logistics sector.
“We have a growing number of customers for whom we provide high quality, transport services for movements to UK ports and dealerships as well as movements for auction and fleet clients.”