SyncroTESS from Inform enables you to build a tailor-made solution by using a modular approach for new, used and high-and-heavy vehicle logistics. Using ‘best-of-breed’ technology and business practices, INFORM solutions allow customers to not only manage their vehicle logistics, but to optimise it. This is done through increased transparency, real-time optimisation and knowledge driven decision making.

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Intelligent logistics network optimisation

Planning an efficient network can be extremely time-consuming and equally frustrating when a change within one element of the network requires a full rework of all calculations. Our network optimisation tool will find an operationally feasible least-cost network. Using the scenario planner, you can run multiple options in a fraction of the time to understand the cost and other impacts of alternative locations and restrictions.

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Intelligent track-and-trace and VIN management

Once your network plan is in place, the system then becomes your proactive operational management tool, covering not only track-and-trace but also constantly re-assessing the ETA of vehicles and generating alarms for proactive management of the outbound supply chain. You are now truly in control.

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Intelligent yard management

Working out which is the best berth to offload from, the best parking space or the right time to do post-production work can be a major logistical challenge. INFORM’s yard management solution can calculate in real time all the possible options and suggest the best outcome in no time. Utilisation of manpower and external services can be more accurately planned and, more importantly, updated hourly rather than daily or weekly.

Intelligent workshop management

Planning PDI, post-production modifications and damage rectification is like playing a 3D game of chess. Using INFORM’s workshop planning and optimisation tools, you can work out what resources and parts are required and for which deadline. This minimises the costs, reduces waste and maximises the output of vehicles ‘ready-to-go’ within lead times.

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p40 Inform Picture 6

Intelligent transport management

A powerful planning board integrates orders, trucks and drivers to optimise loads, routes and transport timing. The planning process is supported by KPIs to highlight the performance of all operations in advance. Drivers benefit from efficient communications via our driver app, and dispatchers are contactable to address any exceptions. Additional vehicle transport opportunities are achieved with minimum cost and disruption.


• Existing customers include: Audi, BLG Logistics Italia, BMW, Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Ford, Indonesia Port, KAR Logistics, Kaufmann, MAN, Mini, Mosolf, NVD, NYK-ICO, Paldiski Northern Port, Porsche, SCL Rotterdam, SE Mäkinen, SEAT, Skoda, Toyota, TS Iberia, Volkswagen