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    Global risks for the supply chain


    The World Economic Forum published its sixth annual Global Risks report this week, highlighting a range of interconnected risks such as macroeconomic imbalances, the illegal economy, and growing resource shortages. Once again, the report touched on a number of risks that could pose threats to global supply chains for manufacturers, ...

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    GM Europe to boost exports in 2012


    Opel CEO Nick Reilly said this week that the company would be raising exports to new markets in an effort help the GM subsidiary, with Insignia, Astra and Corsa models confirmed for shipment to Australia from 2012 and countries including Chile and Israel also targeted as export destinations. Other markets ...

  • daimler

    Dealing with damage


    US routinely classifies damage Rules of destruction Mishmash of guidelines Damage-free dream The challenge grows at Toyota The line between when a car damaged in transport should be repaired or scrapped is often blurry, depending on region and OEM. Tony Danby discusses the approaches to dealing with and preventing such ...

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    Tier ones wake up to IT


    Tier one suppliers face many challenges in making the most of their supply chain IT, but new offerings by suppliers and a new openness in the industry may deliver much.Garbage in, garbage outShining light into a black holeIn the new normalDon't buy, rentLimitations of a legacyIt is quicker, cheaper and ...

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    Daimler grows amid a divided Europe


    A growing gap among logistics providers The great capacity debate resumes A time of tender opportunity Growth at sea Getting back to green Daimler’s 11th annual European Carrier Day came at a time when the carmaker is accelerating globally in sales and logistics development, and often well ahead of its ...

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    Ford of Europe’s brave new world


    The sales climate might be decidedly mixed in Europe, but Ford is pushing through with big changes and improvements in its logistics networks, from substantially more intermodal transport to time-critical vehicle logistics. Christopher Ludwig catches up with Ford’s Matthias Schulz A marriage of sacred vows Increasing rail and short sea ...

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    Executives on the move


    Ceva Logistics has announced that Didier Chenneveau , currently European vice president and chief supply chain officer for LG Electronics, will take over as head of Ceva’s growing business in Asia Pacific from Vittorio Favati . “I am pleased to welcome Didier on board and believe he will ...

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    Executives on the move


    Helmut Nittmann, who was Ford’s North American director for service parts supply and logistics, has seen his responsibilities extended under a new title as global director, parts supply and logistics. He will now head service parts supply and logistics strategy in the Americas (both north and south), as well as ...

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    Executives on the move


    Ceva Logistics has announced that from the beginning of November, Leigh Pomlett will be president, Northern Europe. Leigh is currently executive vice president for the UK, Ireland and Nordics business and will hold on to these responsibilities in his new role. Leigh has spent over 30 years ...

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    Chinese supply grows up


    Strikes and walk-outs by workers demanding better pay may be a bellweather for the future, but it is not denting the major suppliers’ commitment to investing in China Choosing a service provider: local vs global Dealing with damage Keeping up with the codes Currency valuation affects costs There have been ...

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    Asean alliance boosts car industry


    Namrita Chow discovers that the Asean states are investing in the car business to the benefit of local and international OEMs. However, the logistics support structure is still fragmented and outdated, and they are competing with the manufacturing expert - China Favourable tariffs Asean versus China as production base? New ...

  • manheim

    2nd hand cars need 1st class logistics


    A market in need of logistics innovation Getting volumes up, and complexity down With the rise of internet auctions, the used car sector is becoming more regional and international, stirring greater demand for efficient logistics services, reports Malcolm Wheatley. Used car transactions take place thousands of times a day–in corporate ...

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    A misty outlook for container sea trade


    Car component trade by sea container has recovered well since the recession, but box shortages and slow steaming have caused issues for some manufacturers’ supply chains. And with the outlook uncertain, capacity questions remain unanswered Container shipping and the car business Honda UK works direct with shippers Safmarine builds a ...

  • mwellbrock

    Standing atop the Welt of BMW’s vehicle distribution


    Central control A reserved approach to outsourcing Keeping a stable distribution flow Europe–an unexpected rise in subcontracting North America–get the capacity in there China–surprisingly collaborative providers Looking ahead–IT and carbon cutting Mathias Wellbrock is carefully driving BMW’s outbound logistics with tight, in-house control while building closer relationships with providers; all ...

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    Turning virtual orders into reality at Ford


    Better logistics means better cash flow Global order to delivery One order system for one Ford Shifting the lead focus to outbound logistics North America today The evolving Ford network When should the capacity come back? Eighth Cross-continental vehicle flows, programming logistics into the order-to-delivery process and keeping an eye ...

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    Toll buyout will bring auto expertise to China


    Asian integrated logistics provider Toll Group has completed its acquisition of joint-venture partner, China-based ST-Anda, and launched its own brand into the Chinese market under the Toll Global Logistics division. The move will strengthen domestic branch network support for Toll’s automotive offering according to Toll Global Logistics president and ...

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    Executives on the move


    Ford Motor Company completed its sale of Volvo Cars this week to China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group , which owns China’s largest private carmaker, for $1.8 billion. Geely named Stefan Jacoby to be the new President and CEO of Volvo Cars. Jacoby had previously been the CEO ...

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    Chinese OEMs trying out greener packaging


    By Namrita Chow China’s tier suppliers and OEMs are looking for greener logistics service providers, although like their counterparts in other parts of the world, their objectives appear often to be more economic than ecologic. It is this thinking that is leading some Chinese OEMs to consider a switch ...

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    Space for rent


    The automotive warehouse real estate market has taken a major hit, but it remains a dynamic sector where the requirements are becoming more and more specificA different game in AsiaThe shape of automotive warehousingInbound warehouses versus aftermarketFuture trends for warehousing locationsThe world’s automotive industry has had a torrid three years: ...

  • stophangingaround

    Stop hanging around


    Getting in and getting out…fastChrysler-Fiat deal could nurture two-way flowPorts need to be meaner and leanerGrappling with recessionEast coast is fiercely competitiveLess attractive than containersHow the West Coast comparesWho you sell to still dictates carmakers’ choice of ports but patterns are shifting, and US ports try to keep pace with ...