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  • indianexports

    Indian exports seek the perfect port


    The Big Two versus home-grown talent Any port in a boom? Mumbai Port Mundra Port Chennai Port Ennore Port The future Foreign carmakers have been quick to seize the opportunity of using India as an export base for small cars. Since 1998, policies in India have supported wholly-owned vehicle manufacturing ...

  • box-1.jpg

    Is sharing a box worth it?


    Container pooling tackles some important hidden costs in the inbound supply chain. But are the opportunities offered by the approach being ignored as OEMs and suppliers struggle with larger problems? Pool players A pool, not a puddle Impact of the crisis Current challenges but future opportunity Tracking the boxes Packaging ...

  • ball-1.jpg

    How to cope without a crystal ball


    General Motor’s head of logistics Susanna Webber talks to Christopher Ludwig about improving supplier relations and how a total enterprise cost approach could help the company understand how to react to future risk and changes in the global supply chainLooking back and learning from the painThe recession's silver liningBuilding a ...

  • jh-1.jpg

    In Profile: Joe Hinrichs


    Joe Hinrichs' rise at Ford has been as quick as it has been impressive. Having worked a decade for General Motors, and several years at a manufacturing investment firm, he first came to the attention of Automotive Logistics in 2002, when he took over as Ford’s executive director for material ...

  • FordThailand.jpg

    Export promise sways OEMs in Asia Pacific


    Ford has said that Thailand's top class automotive, logistics and export infrastructure was a factor in its decision to build a new $450m passenger vehicle plant in Rayong. The plant will have an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles and will begin assembling the next-generation Ford Focus from 2012 ...

  • 100Yuan.jpg

    Analysis China: rising currency & wages to benefit global LSPs?


    Factories in China continued to see disruptions this week to the flow of material to assembly lines following another set of strikes by parts suppliers over low wages. This time the walkouts were in Guangdon province at Denso (Guangzhou Nansha), a subsidiary of Japanese tier supplier Denso–the largest global supplier ...

  • TLChina.jpg

    A Chinese supply chain in transition


    Rising labour and logistics rates could change the landscape of supply chain management in the automotive industry in China, it emerged last week at a special workshop organised by Automotive Logistics at the transport logistics China trade exhibition in Shanghai. On the other hand, a slowdown in the growth ...

  • camaro_compostie.jpg

    GM will ship Camaro to Korea


    General Motors is importing the Chevrolet Camaro from Canada to South Korea in 2011 through its subsidiary in the country, GM Daewoo Auto & Technology. GM Daewoo will initially launch the Chevrolet Camaro sports coupe in the country in 2.0-litre and 3.6-litre versions, said GM Daewoo CEO Mike Arcamone ...

  • tracking1

    Vehicles in the box come out of the closet


    Container growth for smaller volume destinationsA more frequent service Ro-ro vs container: the cost equationMoving vehicles in containers door to doorMoving vehicles by containers is becoming more common for shipping vehicles in lower volumes and higher frequencies, particularly to and from developing markets. But the potential benefit might be farther ...

  • kia01

    Growth brings a sea change for Kia and Glovis


    Kia sees changes for its logisticsKia’s export routes and carriers in 2010The dangers of the deep seaAs vessels grow smaller orders are kept waitingKoreans follow Hyundai-KiaFree trade agreements will help KiaIT integration a must as Kia growsAs Kia continues to defy the global downturn, the company is focusing on getting ...

  • na-sales

    Tide shifting toward America for vehicle flows


    Of all major automotive markets, the most significant sales growth over the next three years may well be in North America. Although we should not forget that even double-digit increases in car sales here would still only mean recovering to pre-crisis levels by 2012, the indicators are reasonably positive nonetheless. ...

  • chinese-carmakers

    All these tiny flows


    Ro-ro vessels continue to build service The ro-ro alternatives: containers or CKD A rise in premium imports Vehicle exports from China have started to rise again, but the volumes are in small batches to underdeveloped markets, making it a tough proposition for major shipping lines and logistics companies. But with ...

  • africa-1.jpg

    Ford’s Asian vista


    Expanding in Asia Pacific Africa, Ford is growing the smart way with a push toward stronger electronic communication across its supply chain here, including the rollout of its European order-to-delivery system, Vista. Forecasting freight and duty Flexible manufacturing and suppl y Being the first to build-to-order vehicles in Asia Supply ...

  • Ford_India_Conveyor.jpg

    Ford is bringing Vista to Asia Pacific Africa


    With Ford's plans to treble production capacity in Asia Pacific and Africa (APA) by 2012, it is bringing both its global manufacturing and logistics processes, as well as its best IT systems to the region. Most notably, Ford is in the process of rolling of its European order-to-delivery system, ...

  • FigoJob1_1.jpg

    Local logistics for Ford Figo in Chennai


    Ford has invested $500m in its engine-making plant near Chennai, India to add flexible production of the Duratec 1.2-litre engine dedicated to the Indian Figo. The first production version of the car was driven off the adjacent assembly line last Friday, when engine production began as well. Ford is using ...

  • WWL1.gif

    JLR renews UK export contract with WWL


    Jaguar Land Rover has renewed its contract with Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics for the export of vehicles from the UK to North America, Australia and New Zealand. The new contract, which is already underway, will see the shipment of around 45,000 Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) vehicles in 2010 from ...

  • MVOceanChallenger.jpg

    Chrysler signs contracts with NAPA and WWL


    US carmaker Chrysler is boosting export activity from North America with two new shipping contracts serving Europe, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Rim. The company has signed a contract with the North America Pacific Asia (NAPA) service jointly operated by Norway’s Partner Shipping and Australia’s Praxis Logistics. This month ...

  • saiclogistics

    Designing a group logistics strategy for SAIC


    A family of logistical differences Looking abroad, cautiously Getting stronger at home A tale of two Anjis The sprawling Chinese conglomerate is growing quickly across its indigenous brands and joint venture operations, which include truckmaker subsidiaries and an in-house logistics company, Anji Automotive Logistics. Namrita Chow takes a look inside ...

  • track-1.jpg

    Track & trace: do we need the ‘next best thing’?


    The automotive industry has been talking up the potential of RFID for decades, but with budgets strapped, there appears to be no rush to bin the barcodeAuto's enduring affair with the barcodeRFID still only used in fragmentsTrack what is sensibleThe future is now... or soonAt the end of the production ...

  • road-1.jpg

    China builds a road inside itself


    As the largest and still the fastest growing car market in the world, carmakers in China are hoping to develop supply chains in its vast interior and western regions, with the government investing billions Low visibility A crowded market starts to spill inland Go west, says the government Regulation and ...