Germany’s BLG Logistics has signed a three-year contract with VW Logistics for the packaging and delivery of complete knockdown (CKD) units from its logistics centre situated on the port basin of Neustaeter Hafen in Bremen. BLG is dedicating 30,000m2 of warehouse space and 5,000m2 outside space at the centre.
The company will package and export around 3,000 car parts and components to worldwide Volkswagen assembly locations.
Under the terms of the contract BLG will handle the receipt, control, storage, packaging, commissioning, containerization, dispatch and the management of remaining packaging. The contract begins November 2010 and will create 160 jobs.
The volume of shipments will be equal to 400,000m2 and will mean the movement of around 12,000 TEUs per year or an average of 230 per week, BLG spokesman Hartmut Schwerdtfeger told Automotive Logistics News.
“The job is to receive all the different parts from Volkswagen and a lot of suppliers in Bremen, to control them, to store them and to put them in containers and ship them according to the needs of the factories overseas.
The contract is exclusively for export distribution and will not include shipments to VW’s German factories.

“We appreciate very much that we could win another big order regarding automotive logistics for Bremen,” said BLG´s CEO Detthold Aden. “This is a result of our long lasting experience in the Champions League of the logistics business.”

Martin Günthner, minister of economic and port affairs, marked the contract and stated: “With this order BLG is profiling again as strong logistics provider, which keeps its position in difficult economical times and is even expanding it.

“This is very good news for Bremen´s economy,” he added.