BMW North America has chosen Spartanburg-based logistics provider 2AM Group to take over the logistics and distribution of aftermarket service parts at its Jacksonville distribution centre in Florida. The previous contract was held by Schenker Logistics. "While Schenker has done a good job for BMW in Jacksonville, we are heading in a different direction and have identified 2AM as the preferred partner moving forward," said company spokesperson Charlene King.
As part of the new multi-year contract, which is expected to begin in October, 2AM (an acronym for Automotive, Aerospace and Marine) will move parts to 62 dealerships in the southeast from the centre. It represents 15% of BMW North America's total parts volume.
The company, which began in South Carolina providing technical services for BMW in Spartanburg, provides numerous services including engineering, parts assembly and logistic sequencing, as well as quality inspection and component rework and repair.
BMW is the company’s largest customer and it currently holds the contract for technical operations management at BMW North America’s Performance Center in Spartanburg. The new contract is first the company has had with BMW for its activity in Florida.
In other news BMW has decided to outsource its car handling through the Port of Hueneme in California to Jacksonville-based vehicle processor Amports. The company will begin managing BMW’s Oxnard VDC from the beginning of November said Amports CEO Steve Rand.
"Amports...has been a leader in the automotive processing industry for many years," said King. "The company was selected because their business strategy offered the best prospects for employee retention and consisted of a well defined plan to continue the high quality of service provided by the Oxnard vehicle distribution centre."
Vehicles processed through the Port of Hueneme by BMW account for about 33% of all its vehicles sold in the US.
BMW celebrated 15 years of manufacturing in Spartanburg on 8 September.