The ECG column that appeared in the most recent issue of Finished Vehicle Logistics on p70 contained some errors in the edited version that have now been corrected online. 

The printed version implied that the ECG had taken the lead role in instigating a change to the Irish cabotage rule, which allows the use of foreign car hauliers during the country's peak registration period. As the ECG has pointed out to Automotive Logistics, the principal actor in affecting that change in 2010 was the Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA). The mistake was ours in editing and not that of the ECG. Sorry.

As stated, the ECG was indeed instrumental, together with the SMMT and the Road Haulage Association, in changing UK legislation along similar lines last year.

The printed article also stated that there is a risk that the European Union could begin enforcing the official but currently unenforced loaded length limit of 18.75 metres when a truck crosses an EU border. It would be more accurate to say the limit would be applied between member states, as it would impact both intra-EU movements and as well as those between an EU and a non-EU country.