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DB Schenker Logistics has opened a new warehouse at the Hanover-Stöcken supplier park in Germany for the storage and just-in-time supply of components to VW Nutzfahrzeuge's (VWN) neighbouring commercial vehicle production facility, which will begin production of the Amarok pickup from the end of June this year.
The latest addition to DB Schenker's existing facility at the site covers 7,000m2 and brings total space dedicated to VWN's production to 24,000m2. The new hall provides room for 12 additional automotive suppliers.
DB Schenker receives and stores modules from around 20 existing suppliers at the supplier park and provides value-added services such as the assembly of individual components. The parts are then delivered just-in-sequence to the VWN's assembly line.
The fully-automated parts store holds around 2,500 different components and an item enters or leaves the store every seven seconds on average. DB Schenker employs 'pick-by-voice' technology for the order picking process.
The company already provides just-in-time and just-in-sequence supply for production of the T5 light truck series at VWN's facility, where output is set at 700 vehicles a day. The company built a totally new supplier park in 2002, which is directly linked to the assembly plant via a 360 metre long bridge, avoiding any congestion from urban traffic.
DB Schenker's facilities are divided into two large operations: the logistics centre, where thousands of different parts are stored and delivered according to VW's orders, and the supplier park nearby, where DB Schenker staff manage the deliveries of 15 module suppliers.
The facility is directly linked to VW IT systems. A SAP system registers the orders from VWN and fills (to begin with, virtually) the just-in-sequence vehicles, which are towed to the production line by tractors.