At a time when DHL is completely pulling out of domestic express delivery in the US there is good news for its commercial express delivery for automotive components. The company has just signed an exclusive two-year international shipping agreement with components and tooling supplier Precise Engineering based in Michigan to deliver machined inserts for stamping dies, special machines, moulds and custom tooling from Asia Pacific.
DHL is collecting heavyweight shipments from suppliers in China and Korea and flying them to the US. Using its electronic pre-alert system, which enables shipments to clear customs before they land in the US, it is then bringing them into its express delivery network for final delivery to Precise Engineering’s US plant in Michigan.
The solution is based on the company’s Worldwide Priority Express services, and employs full-service customs clearance and ground transportation.
Precise Engineering began using DHL two years ago when it opened up its sourcing strategy internationally. Since then has experienced sixfold growth, in part, due to DHL’s ability to meet the requirements of its customers for expedited delivery.
"To effectively serve our customers we manufacture and purchase components overseas that need to be imported for our automotive clients with the greatest speed and reliability" said Rick Barnard, Vice President of Operations for Precise Engineering. "Precise Engineering has enjoyed tremendous growth, attributed largely to an effective shipping strategy through DHL that has reduced transit times between the US and Asia from seven days through our previous carrier to under three," he continued.