Amidst the automotive industry’s rapid evolution into an era of digital innovation, the Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Digital Strategies conference takes centre stage today in Munich. 

This gathering of industry leaders and experts promises to be a crucible of invaluable insights, offering an important exploration of the intersection between supply chains and digitisation. Held at Munich’s SZ Tower from 6th to 7th October, the two-day event is primed to reveal a wealth of industry knowledge. As the conference commences, let’s delve into the top three focal points that are poised to illuminate the path forward.


Digital tools such as digital twins, like Bosch’s shown above, will be discussed throughout the conference

Digital transformation in automotive supply chains

Digital Strategies is expected to place a resounding emphasis on catalysing the digital transformation of supply chains within the automotive industry. This central theme spans an array of pivotal topics, from harnessing the potential of digital twins to orchestrating control towers for seamless supply chain management.

The spotlight will be on data-driven decision-making, which leverages the power of digital technology to elevate efficiency and unveil newfound dimensions of visibility across value chains. Following disruptions in various guises, adaptability and resilience is key, and digitisation is the key enabler. These discussions will illuminate the roadmap for a dynamic and technology-driven automotive supply chain.

Industry collaboration and data sharing

Yet another focal point of discussions will be the imperative of industry-wide collaboration and the unfettered sharing of data within the automotive supply chain.

Silos in data sharing lead to skewed and incomplete supply chain schema, and Digital Strategies will explore the dynamics of sharing reliable and trustworthy data to endow value chains with insights and controls that would not be possible in siloed data landscapes. The conference will also underscore the critical need for standardisation and transparency in data governance, enabling seamless communication and cooperative innovation. Supply chains are fast evolving to be a highly collaborative landscape, with the automotive industry driving to fortify its foundations for the digital age.

Adaptation to the metaverse and digital ecosystems

Another focus of Digital Strategies will be the transformational potential of digital ecosystems as they develop towards their inevitable pitch in the form of the metaverse. Discussions will delve into the metaverse’s potential to reshape automotive value chains, as it gears up to spark a true paradigm shift across the industry.

Against the backdrop of a new data centric environment, industry leaders are grappling with the imperative of adaptation, ushering in an era of agility and talent that is indispensable to thrive in this evolving digital ecosystem. With the promise of the metaverse, the conference will focus on the automotive industry’s transformative journey into uncharted technological territory.

ALSC Digital Strat 2023 NAV Image

For more insights from the conference, including live main-stage conference streaming and access to on-demand videos post-conference, you can still register for a digital pass here. Speakers include experts from BMW, JLR, Volkswagen, Volvo Cars, Bosch and more.