Emergency logistics provider, Evolution Time Critical has been shortlisted for a new category in the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards this year – Austere Environments & Contingency Logistics.

The 18th awards are being held in London, UK on November 5th. The category has been established to recognise operators working in demanding conditions, disaster response, aid provision or support for military operations. Evolution Time Critical is competing for the award with Ministry of Defence operations advisors PJHQ, Royal Logistics Corps and World Food Programme.

According to Evolution, the shortlist signals an increase in the awareness of the complex difficulties experienced by companies working in automotive logistics.

“In the last 12-18 months we have seen vehicle manufacturers increase focus on using logistics as a method of optimising production processes, utilising emergency logistics to enable the adoption of higher risk strategies, and reducing the risk of supply chain failure,” said Evolution Time Critical managing director, Brad Brennan (pictured).

Brennan went on to say that the profile of automotive logistics has been raised in prominence by logisticians who had identified the crucial role played by time critical logistics companies in providing a “robust defence” for an industry where failure or delay could cost millions. Increasing model variance, trim specification and tightening quality standards are all testing the capacity of suppliers and, with lean supply and ad hoc production switches both influencing the supply chain, this is leading to an intensification of emergency logistics requirements.

Speaking about Evolution Time Critical’s nomination, Brennan said it was humbling to be recognised as the only automotive-operating company alongside such worthy organisations working in genuinely life-endangering environments.

“It is testament to the regard in which the automotive supply chain is now held by logistics specialists, and recognition of the vital work that Evolution Time Critical carries out to protect vehicle manufacturers from costly delays and reputational damage.”

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