Nissan Manufacturing UK stands to benefit from new inbound routing and scheduling software that its service provider Fergusons Transport is implementing for supply to the Sunderland plant. 
Designed by Paragon Software Systems, the routing solution allows Fergusons Transport to draw up routes and schedules with greater flexibility and completes the task in minutes rather than the weeks it took to complete the previous manual planning system, according to the company.
Ferguson’s is now able to maximise truckloads and make better use of its available driver time.
The software enables the company to react quickly to fluctuations in Nissan's manufacturing cycle, adjusting the plan to meet varying demands for parts and is capable of allowing the company to move to daily planning should Nissan require it.
Fergusons Transport has been working with Nissan for nearly 20 years, collecting and delivering product from its suppliers. The company was established in the UK’s North East in 1926.