Gefco’s division in Russia has signed a contract with terminal operator Fenix for the handling and storage of Volvo Cars at Bronka port near St Petersburg.

The transport and logistics provider receives the cars at the port and handling the customs clearance. It is then tracking onward delivery of the vehicles by road throughout the country in a one-stop service. 


Fenix, which owns and operates Bronka port, will be responsible for storing the cars until handling at the port is completed.

“As the Bronka port operator, we have been providing services, including passenger car handling and storage, since 2017,” said Alexey Shukletsov, adding that Fenix used software-enabled automatic document control, passenger car acceptance, issuance and maintenance processes, tailored to the needs of car manufacturers such as Volvo.

The Gefco-Fenix operation has been up and running for almost three months, and in the first month, more than 1,500 vehicles were unloaded at Bronka, according to Gefco.

“Our cooperation with Fenix under the Volvo Car Russia contract is not Gefco’s first experience with Bronka port,” said Valeria Seledkova, general director at Gefco Russia. “We are glad we can count on our partner’s support to implement this project for one of our biggest clients.”

Gefco has been providing services for Volvo Cars in Russia since 2010.

In addition to managing automotive logistics, Gefco also transports heavy construction and industrial equipment, spare parts and components. Last year Volvo Cars sold around 8,000 vehicles in Russia, with its most popular product on the Russian market being the XC range of SUVs.