2016 Honda HR-VThe first consignment of Honda HR-V vehicles produced in Mexico for the UK market left the port of Veracruz at the end of last week. According to Charles Franklin, manager of export logistics for American Honda Motor, 695 right-hand-drive HR-Vs, which are made at the Celaya plant, were part of a shipment that also included nearly 800 vehicles destined for Belgium. The shipment also includes a consignment of diesel engines for Belgium.

Honda de Mexico started production at the Celaya plant (HDMC) early last year and is already exporting the HR-V to the US and Canada.

It is the third shipment to Europe since June via the UK port of Bristol, with previous models of the subcompact SUV having been trans-shipped to Germany and other European markets. So far Honda’s plant in Celaya has exported around 2,160 units of the HR-V to Europe and by the end of the year is scheduled to ship 3,500 units per month to the region.

Year-to-date sales for Honda in Europe through to May stood at 55,500 units.

“We are very excited to produce the HR-V for the European customer,” said Hiroshi Shimizu, president of Honda de Mexico. “HDMC associates understand the importance that this vehicle plays for Honda’s future in Europe and they are committed to producing a high quality car for the customer.”

Shipments from the port of Veracruz will be bi-monthly and are mainly being transported by ocean logistics provider, K-Line, with MOL also picking up some volumes.

Honda also makes the HR-V at its plant in Tambol Thanu in Thailand.

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