A new agreement between Vladivostok Automobile Terminal and logistics provider Russian Transport Lines has seen the first shipment of Nissan cars through the port destined for customers in the far east of the country.
“This is a trial shipment of Nissan new cars within an agreement with Russian Transport Lines group,” said Sergey Sulyandziga, Director General of Vladivostok Automobile Terminal.
The trial shipment of 59 vehicles included a range of jeep, crossover and sedan vehicles, along with the Nissan shipment.
"All models from our line up except Almera Classic have been shipped to Vladivostok,” said Tatjana Natarova, PR Manager at Nissan Motor RUS. “The majority of them are 4x4 vehicles. We plan to ship up to 1,000 units through Port of Vladivostok this year."
RTL said its share of import cars via Vladivostok Automobile Terminal would not exceed 10% of its total volume but stated that it offered a promising alternative to the existing supply route via the north-west region, including the terminals at St Petersburg and Novaya Gavan in Ust-Luga, and the southern region, via the Port of Kavkaz and the Novoshakhtinsk terminal. “The far eastern route provides a possibility to save time and cost when delivering automobiles to their end users in Urals region, Siberia, Primorje and the Far East,” said a spokesperson.
In terms of cost, Mikhail Chizhmakov, Deputy Director General of the Port of Vladivostok, told Automotive Logistics, “a cargo owner saves up to $400 per vehicle, if a vehicle is moved via the port of Vladivostok.”
“Due to economic conditions it is becoming more beneficial to ship new Japanese cars through Commercial Port of Vladivostok than European ports, as the case stands,” he stated. “In addition, transit traffic of cars destined to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan can be arranged. Automobile businesses have expressed their interest in the port’s proposals.”