Comprehensive Logistics Inc. (CLI) has launched a new operation at Ford’s Avon Lake assembly plant in Ohio, US. Avon Lake makes the Ford E-Series of commercial and recreational vans.
The 3PL will handle inbound receiving, sequencing, bulk and racked warehousing and small lot materials management, as well as kitting/subassembly and quality inspection. It will also organise and implement just-in-time (JIT) transport services.
To support production at the plant CLI has established a number of Logistics Optimization Centers (LOCs) nearby (which also serve GM assembly plants in Lordstown and Toledo). These manage inbound materials, sequencing and kitting of components, value-added subassembly and outbound shuttles. The centres also handle inbound and outbound containers.
Kitting/subassembly components include: headliners, door panels, exterior fascia, electrical systems, rear axles and chassis components.
In terms of transport, CLI has implemented its "ProFR8" transportation management software, which provides network and route optimisation plus management over 500 carriers. Approximately 65,000 loads are handled through CLI’s Load Control Center each year and the company provides 24/7 management for all transport modes through ProFR8. Transport management covers all inbound, milk runs, outbound truck and rail shipments.
The company has also applied what it calls "Strategic Protection Warehousing" which it claims will ensure uninterrupted supply of key components into the Avon Lake plant. Additional support is provided by Falcon Transport’s fleet.