Global supply chain manager UPS has extended its contract with Ford to provide logistics services for the delivery of new cars across dealerships in North America.
As part of the agreement, the Atlanta-based LSP is providing on-site operations management at Ford distribution points, including carrier management, transportation network oversight, and contingency support.
“UPS monitors the quality process, transit time of units, throughout the country to make certain that Ford standards are met wherever Ford vehicles are delivered,” said spokesman Michael French.

The company provides services to all Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealerships and has been working with the carmaker since 2000.

Meanwhile, the carmaker has chosen logistics provider FedEx as one of 16 new component and service suppliers for its Aligned Business Framework (ABF). With the new members, there are now 82 companies in the ABF network which Ford has established to develop long-term relationships, strengthen collaboration and drive mutual profitability and technology development.
"Despite the industry challenges we are all facing, Ford is making steady progress identifying more suppliers for long-term relationships while at the same time reducing our total number of suppliers," said Tony Brown, Group Vice President, Global Purchasing. "Both of these elements were part of our ABF strategy since it was launched in 2005. They are even more critical now as the auto industry moves through a difficult restructuring period toward a more sustainable business model for suppliers and automakers alike."
Ford's commitment to ABF companies includes sourcing for the life of a programme or platform, improved parts commonality and more information sharing of product plans and forecasts.