Ford has outsourced its materials handling management for engine production at Dagenham in the UK to European logistics provider Gefco UK.
The LSP is now helping manage Ford’s container logistics through its GefBoxSystem, which provides reusable plastic boxes, pallets and covers for parts required by engine plant in southeast England from suppliers across Europe. More than 150,000 boxes can be handled each day in the UK and 3.5 million boxes are transported daily on the Continent.
Ford’s suppliers can order GefBox products via the web which are then delivered, filled and sent through Gefco’s supply chain to Ford’s UK plant where the goods are unloaded and made ready for collection. The boxes and pallets are then taken to one of Gefco’s nine European washing centres to be prepared for re-use.
Gefco claims the boxes allow 30% more capacity ustilisation of mega trailers.
Karen Kinsella, Commercial Manager for Gefco UK said: ‘We are delighted to have built a strong relationship with Ford which oversees the transportation of products from the company’s suppliers to their engine base using the GefBoxSystem. This service has proved to be a great success and provides critical support to other companies such as BMW, Volvo, Arvin Meritor and J-Tech.
In a separate contract affecting its outbound movements, Ford has chosen Event Management Logistics (EML) from IT supplier Sovereign Business Integration to integrate the management of its finished vehicle supply chain operations.
The software will enable Ford to manage and control finished vehicle flow from plants in Europe and overseas ports of exit to the UK dealer network.