Lohr has provided Gefco with a fleet of ten car carrier trailers from its factory in Strasbourg, France that will enable more efficient vehicle transport from the company’s regional distribution centre in Corby, in the English Midlands.
The Eurolohr 3.53 UK Hybrid trailers, which allow mixed loads for up to ten vehicles rather than the usual eight, including people carriers and vans, mean that one carrier can be sent for delivery or collection given a carmaker’s preference for loads of ten cars.
“Increased carrying capacity not only helps reduce resources by avoiding sending in two transporters for a ten-car collection/delivery, but also means they are much more economical on fuel consumption,” said Gefco spokeswoman Hannah Mercer.
The current fleet is attached to Volvo front units.
Lohr’s Director Justin Michau told Automotive Logistics the units accommodate the different regulations for trailers in the UK versus other parts of Europe by combining a “continental” front end with a UK-specific trailer.