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  • Russia expects a shorage of automotive carriers

    Russia cracks down on parallel imports through EEU


    Parallel imports account for roughly 15% of the Russian vehicle market but new rules that apply from the beginning of next month will significantly increase the sales price

  • EEU_flags

    EEU cuts import duties but trade within bloc is in dispute


    The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) has officially cut duties on finished vehicles being imported into the bloc from 20% to 17%. The rule took effect from September 1 this year, while a further reduction to 15% is proposed to take place at the same time in 2019. The EEU comprises ...

  • GM-Uzbekistan

    GM-Uzbekistan plans production in Kyrgyzstan and Russia


    GM's joint venture with the government of Uzbekistan has revealed plans to open assembly plants in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan and in Russia.Jahongir Tillaev, director of sales and service for GM-Uzbekistan, said the move would benefit both the company and its customers, as it would ultimately bring down the price of vehicles ...