Dear Editor,

Your article, Changing claims for damage, makes some valid points but surely the biggest effect on reducing insurance claims is to actually reduce the number of accidents in the first place? And reducing vehicle movements, and hence the risk of damage during movements, will have the largest effect overall.
If organisations are able to significantly reduce the amount of vehicle movements through an effective event management logistics system, then insurance companies would see the amount of claims dramatically decrease. The automotive sector would also be able to see where their vehicles were in real-time, enabling them to make smarter decisions about how and when they move them to the next place with the associated cost and time reducing benefits.

Additionally, managing damage claims can be mitigated through knowing precisely where and when the damage occurred, so reducing multiple claims for the same damage. When using an effective event management logistics system, claims can be made and logged in real time, preventing duplication and error. It also enables the insurance company to accurately pinpoint a vehicles location, allowing them insight into exactly where the damage took place.
Reducing the number of vehicle movements and having accurate real-time data on their whereabouts will bring huge logistical and cost savings, and reduce the insurance headache. [sam_ad id=6 codes='true']
Richard Barker
Sovereign Business Integration Group