Volvo Car Corporation is handing over the distribution of vehicles and yard management from its Torslanda facility to Logent Automotive Logistics, a subsidiary of Swedish logistics provider Logent.

Logent already provides stevedoring services at Volvo's car terminal a the port of Gothenburg, a contract it has had since April 2011, including yard management and loading and unloading. Under a new two-year contract the Automotive Logistics subsidiary will now distribute vehicles to the greater Stockholm area, Mälardalen and northern Sweden with services extended to include train loading and the maintenance of the vehicles. Logent transports the cars via a network partnership of train operators and haulers.

According to Logent the increased co-operation with Volvo covers control, coordination and yard management of about 200,000 finished cars at the Torslanda plant, functions previously handled by Volvo Logistics and its subcontractors. "In the distribution assignment we will transport approximately 28,000 cars to Swedish dealers and the harbour of Stockholm for exports to Finland," Logent Automotive Logistics' CEO Anders Borgström told Automotive Logistics News. The company will be also be responsible for all customs and documents handling in connection with export flows from both the plants in Torslanda (Sweden) and Gent (Belgium). Logent will also provide an intermediate international helpdesk and a transport booking function.

"We are taking care of all customs handling of the export cars including document handling (CMR, certificates of origin etc) from both Torslanda in Sweden and Gent in Belgium," said Borgström, tasks also previously handled by Volvo Logistics.

The partnership with Volvo Car Corporation also entails logistics consultancy, staffing solutions, customs brokerage and state of the art IT-support.

The Torslanda plant, which is one of Volvo's largest plants, makes the V70, XC70, S80, XC90 and V60.