A poll of senior logistics executives conducted in the UK by the Chartered Management Institute has revealed that one in five managers in the transport and logistics sector feels insecure  and half feel more stressed in their jobs than they used to. However, the poll also showed that managers have optimism in the sector long term.
The survey, which canvassed 1,118 senior executives, found evidence of a long-term thinking and planning in 62 per cent, who suggested that: "Organisations should focus on product innovation and service" to stay afloat in the downturn. Only 32 per cent said, "The best response to recession is to cut costs."
While a clear majority (65 per cent) admitted that the current state of the UK economy is having a negative impact on their organisation, it also revealed that 80 per cent in the sector viewed the downturn as presenting them with "greater challenges" and one-third (45 per cent) said it has ensured they are "more focused at work". A third were still willing to take risks and around two-thirds were ready to take on extra work to deal with the situation.
Jo Causon, Director, Marketing and Corporate Affairs at the Chartered Management Institute, said: "In these challenging times, it has become more important than ever to demonstrate strong leadership.  It is vital that the UK's leaders remain composed in the face of growing economic pressure because knee-jerk reactions will only serve to exacerbate the problem.  It's easier to manage when times are good, but the current climate is a real test of how strong the UK's leadership credentials really are."
Responding to the findings of the survey, the Chartered Management Institute will be launching a micro-site at the end of October 2008, designed to provide employers and individuals with resources to help lead them through the downturn.