Logwin has extended its aftermarket parts distribution service for BMW from the carmaker’s Dealer Metro Distribution Centre (DMDC) in Nuremburg, Germany, adding 30 dealers in the states of Thuringia and Saxony previously served from Berlin.
Logwin started handling deliveries of BMW parts to dealerships in Nuremburg and the surrounding area in October last year, handling around 12,000 components ranging from screws to air conditioning systems held at the DMDC and providing over 100 same-day drop offs in the region. It now caters for 90 dealerships in the region.
“Depending on the size of the order and the distance, we may be delivering to consignees between one and four times a day,” explained Dr Stephen Freichal, managing director solutions, sales and logistics engineering at Logwin.
Delivery of the parts is handled either direct to dealer or via hubs in Bayreuth, Plauen and Erfurt and, with the move to Nuremburg from Berlin, delivery times for the additional 30 dealers have improved by half an hour according to Dr Freichal.
In Berlin, Logwin collects aftermarket parts from the BMW DMDC and delivers them to over 100 dealers in Berlin and the eastern federal states. The company is handling despatch, tracking and tracing and loading/unloading.
"Deliveries are effected in a multi-same-day service," said Dr Freichel. "We serve some dealers between two and four times a day. They can call up more than 15,000 different BMW parts numbers on the same day.”