AndrewPagegloucester1Andrew Page, a distributor of automotive parts, tools and equipment based in the UK, reports that it has cut accidents and reduced speeding by 97% after implementing a telematics system from Masternaut, a provider of in-vehicle tracking and mobile workforce management software.
The company implemented Masternaut Connect across its 900-vehicle fleet to improve overall vehicle and driver performance, reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The system was implemented after a trial period in Birmingham delivered a 47% reduction in ‘harsh events’ and a 7.1% improvement in miles per gallon (mpg), according to Andrew Page.

Since it was installed nationally the company said driver behaviour scores have improved significantly, with 98% of drivers in the green, and the remaining 2% in amber.

“Since implementation we’ve seen a big reduction in accidents, which is still continuing to reduce further month-by-month,” said Stuart Wiseman, group fleet manager at Andrew Page. “The data provided by Masternaut Connect has been a major part in the way we’ve been able to tackle driver safety, providing ongoing feedback to our drivers based on their driving behaviour. We’ve now got 98% of our drivers rates as being safe drivers and this improvement in driving style is ensuring that we’re helping our staff get home safely.”

Instances of speeding across the fleet have reduced by 97% in six months, according to the company.
The Connect system identifies drivers and regions of high risk, helping to understand what those risks are and then educating drivers on how to eliminate risks on the road. The system tracks multiple driver behaviours, including such things as speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and harsh cornering.
The company said that overall fleet fuel efficiency has seen a major improvement as a result of improved driver behaviour, and better efficiency and scheduling. The average vehicle mpg rating has increased from 48 to 52.5, helping Andrew Page to save money on fuel costs.
 “Staff welfare and road safety is high on the agenda for many fleets, especially after the Department of Transport revealed a 6% rise in road casualties in 2014,” said Steve Towe, chief commercial officer and UK managing director, Masternaut “Working with Andrew Page, telematics has helped to assist in the reduction on accidents across the fleet, through continuous driver behaviour improvements and coaching. Telematics is not just a track and trace tool, but provides wider benefits in safety, compliance, efficiency improvements and ensuring duty of care.”