Mazda North American Operations is expanding its contract with logistics provider Ryder for the distribution of parts throughout its Mexican dealership network.
In a contract that will run up to October 2011, Ryder will pick up parts from Mazda’s distribution centre in Olive Branch, Mississippi and take them across the border by truck to its crossdock in Monterrey, Mexico for distribution to Mazda dealers throughout the country.
Mazda makes deliveries three times a week to each of its 26 dealers in Mexico and daily shipments from Olive Branch to Mexico are broken into three deliveries accordingly.
“Ryder’s team has consistently demonstrated its ability to drive process improvements throughout our operations, both in the US and Mexico,” said Bobbie Rooney, Manager of Transportation and Logistics for Mazda. “The decision to continue and expand our relationship with Ryder in Mexico is based on their ability to provide the services with speed and reliability at the lowest cost.”
Ryder has handled distribution for Mazda in Mexico since 2005. The Japanese carmaker’s dealer network has been increased in size since and the demand for greater delivery frequency and dedicated routes has grown with it.
“Mazda decided to expand its relationship with Ryder based on Ryder’s capacity to manage an end-to-end solution and the quality of Ryder’s service to Mazda over the past three years during its expansion into Mexico,” Ryder spokesperson Marilu Del Toro told Automotive Logistics.
Ryder has worked with Mazda in the US since 1991.