BLG has extended its contract with Mitsubishi Europe for the distribution of all vehicles from the carmaker’s Nedland plant in Born, the Netherlands, to dealerships throughout Germany and in Norway. The contract has intially been signed up to 2012 and BLG is now Mitsubishi’s sole partner with responsibility for the distribution throughout Germany.
Vehicles for Norway will be shipped via the BLG AutoTerminal in Bremerhaven (as pictured) but BLG is not responsible for Norwegian distribution beyond transportation and turnover via its terminal.
BLG has been handling distribution of Mitsubishi vehicles from the Born plant, which makes the Colt and Outlander models, to northern Germany for five years but the extension of the contract to the rest of the country and Norway means an annual road-based movement of approximately 15,000 Mitsubishi cars, around twice that of its previous level.
Mitsubishi centralised European activity at Born early last year in an effort to make it more efficient (read more here).