Nissan is ending its contract with Renault for import and distribution in Argentina and using CAT Group from the end of 2011. The company has said the move will strengthen its sales, service and distribution operations in Argentina and provide sustainable growth there.
Renault Argentina S.A. will continue to support the company’s business through to the end of 2011.
“We basically decided that, after a number of years, it was probably best for both brands’ businesses in Argentina to have separate structures,” Nissan Americas spokesman David Reuter told Automotive Logistics News. “The thought was that, to allow our dealers to grow faster and more consistently, and to ensure we a long term commitment for Argentina, we needed to have our own distinct business structure in the country.”
CAT Group’s owner and president Manuel Antelo has been working successfully in the Argentine market for a number of years in terms of growing dealer networks and brands according to Nissan, which was keen to identify Antelo’s experience as a deciding factor in its decision to switch providers. “He has experience working closely with the dealer network to ensure that such things as sales service and distribution are improved,” said Reuter. “From a business standpoint we felt he was the best way to make that happen.”
Antelo is also co-owner with Wallenius Wilhelmsen of Vehicle Service America, an American company specialising in vehicle logistics. He is also owner of Car One Argentina, the largest automotive retail business in the country.
Nissan has been growing volumes in Argentina and expects to increase its current 2% market share to more than 5% by 2014. Total unit volumes in the market are expected to hit 700,000 by 2015. The 35,000 figure that Nissan is targeting by then will be led by sales of its leading product in the region, the Tiida.