Synoptima_One_Network_logoOne Network Enterprises, which provides cloud-based supply chain services, has signed a joint strategic partnership with Synoptima, an expert in supply chain optimisation and logistics packages, for the provision of services in the Asia Pacific region.

The partnership will combine technologies and cloud-based software with expertise in analytics, supply chain engineering, transformation management and integrative logistics services, according to Dom Rego, advisory board member at Synoptima.

In a joint statement the companies acknowledged that supply chains were becoming more complex as material flows increased, and network and distribution models adapted to changes in manufacturing, supply base and distribution. This was leading in turn to a greater demand for data management and integration analytics to ensure real-time visibility, as well as a need for decision-making tools, said the companies.

Leo David, executive vice president of development at Synoptima, who has two decades of automotive background, said the partnership with One Network Enterprises complemented Synoptima’s joint vision. That vision incorporated end-to-end supply chain management services with cloud capabilities and would aid the decision-making process across the supply chain.

This includes the provision of services for the automotive industry, including for leading OEMs such as GM, Ford, Toyota and Nissan. The provision of services for those companies includes support across a range of areas including distribution centre optimisation, including visibility and analytics for aftermarket operations. They also include air and ocean sourcing, and performance and management, as well as global control tower solutions.

According to Synoptima, inefficiencies in the supply chain combined with the absence of analytics on “key measurables” posed a greater threat for supply chain decisions not taken in time that could help minimise risk and exposure.