This webinar presented ProAct’s latest unique software-solution capabilities for the planning, management and execution of complex, end-to-end, plant-to-dealer, finished vehicle supply chains.

ProAct discussed how its software enables:

  • Manufacturers to regain more control of their supply chain, whilst continuing to outsource the component parts
  • LPs and 4PLs to improve technology solutions in their supply chain planning
  • Traditional 3PLs to elevate both their value proposition and importance to their clients.

ProAct delivers:

  • End-to-end, multimodal planning
  • Multi-client capabilities
  • Yard management
  • Rail optimisation and numerous other capabilities within finished vehicle logistics

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This webinar was presented by:

Paul Nurse

Paul has been a Director with ProAct for over 20 years and has in-depth knowledge of the global supply chain market having worked extensively in the US, Europe and Asia, much of it within the Finished Vehicle Logistics market.


Automotive supply chain management is a particular strength of the ProAct ESM. Both automotive parts logistics, but in particular finished vehicle logistics and yard management are core competencies of the ESM solution. ProAct's strength is in the planning, projection, management and execution of the more complex, end-to-end, multimodal automotive supply chains.