RenaultDealerFrench carmaker Renault and its dealership association GCR are investing in a 35% stake in the Exadis subsidiary of Groupe Laurent, the aftermarket parts and services supplier. Exadis provides a range of aftermarket parts including brake, clutch, wheel and injection components.

Under the proposed agreement, which is close to being finalised, Renault would take a 23.5% stake in Exadis, while GCR’s supply and services subsidiary, Ciscar, would take 11.5%.

Renault said the move was designed to allow its 15,000 dealerships and service centres to offer a more extensive range of multi-brand aftermarket parts and services in what is a very competitive sector.

Renault, which supplies original parts for Renault and Dacia models, also provides Motrio and Equation ranges of multi-brand parts for older vehicle models. The stake in Groupe Laurent would extend its offering to include 45,000 equipment vendor parts.

“[The] partnership with Groupe Laurent would enable us to offer our 15,000 dealership, agent and repair centre customers a comprehensive and competitive nationwide offering, covering all types of maintenance, servicing and minor repair operations on cars of all makes,” said Pierre-Michel Erard, head of aftersales operations for Renault.