The logistics service provider Schnellecke has won 12 new module assemblies for Porsche production in Leipzig, in eastern Germany. 

The module assemblies will include a number of major tier suppliers, such as Magna, Sumitomo, and Ti-Automotive, according to Andreas Wagner, chief operating officer of the Schnellecke Group.

To meet demand for the increased business, Schnellecke is building a new 13,500-square-metre logistics centre close to Porsche's plant. The centre expects to add 100 new employees to Schnellecke's current workforce of 700 in Leipzig, said Wagner. 

Schnellecke will use an in-house IT system to connect production data and communication in the supply base via electronic data interchanges (EDIs).  “Most of the interfaces and data exchanges are standardised or already in place because we might work somewhere else in the world with the same supplier,” Wagner told Automotive Logistics

Schnellecke has also recently expanded business in Spain, India and North America