Suzuki has started shipments of vehicles to the Austrian market from Japan with an expected annual movement of 4,000 vehicles. The Japanese carmaker is using ocean operator K-Line to move the vehicles to Bremerhaven in Germany where they are unloaded and processed by BLG Logistics and Lagermax before shipment on to Straßwalchen in Austria by the two logistics providers.
The first shipment, which included Kizashi, Vitara, Swift and Jimny models manufactured in Japan, was delivered aboard the K-Line’s ro-ro carrier Pacific Highway.
On arrival at Bremerhaven the vehicles receive a wax-based underbody and cavity protection treatment at BLG’s dedicated facility. They are then transported to the Lagermax compound in Straßwalchen as part of a cooperative agreement between BLG and Lagermax.
BLG and Suzuki signed a contract regarding the construction of body cavity and underbody protection halls at Bremerhaven and Kelheim at the end of 2009 and BLG was recently awarded the contract to handle and perform initial technical processing.
A spokesperson from the company added: “Together with Suzuki and Lagermax we took the decision to apply the same quality standards and quality treatments for the Suzuki vehicles for Austrian market coming from overseas as we do already have for vehicles for German market.
Suzuki has been importing models made in Japan and India through Bremerhaven since 1980. BLG has been responsible for their technical processing and transport to German dealers since then.