In its first European contract, temporary parking surface specialist TemPark has installed a test site three-quarters of a hectare (1.85 acres) at BLG’s AutoTerminal Kelheim in Saal, near Donau, Germany.
The surface provides parking for almost 400 vehicles in a four-block configuration.
“BLG picked TemPark because of much lower cost and strong environmental advantage, and its 100% permeability which is important for this site and others projected for future development,” said TemPark’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Charles Debbout.
AutoTerminal Kelheim offers capacity for 26,000 vehicles, mostly delivered from Hungary by barge, from car plants in the south of Germany by truck, or from Slovakia and the Czech Republic by rail. These include vehicles from Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia and Suzuki. The terminal offers temporary storage for further distribution to national dealers as well as technical processing at its own on-site workshop.