“The best time to invest is in a crisis in any country or system, because afterwards there comes a boom.” José Ricardo Chiarello, Volkswagen do Brasil’s Head of Logistics (pictured).
“Two years ago Brazil was close to a logistics blackout and this could happen again in two years. The [blackout] won't stop operations for a long time but can stop the movement of materials for one hour or one day and this costs alot." Mauricélio Gomes Faria, Fiat’s Logistics Manager in Latin America.
“I am optimistic. Last year was extraordinary and 2009 will be similar regarding passenger cars and this is one of the only places where carmakers and suppliers can say this.” Johnny Saldanha, VP Global Purchasing & Supply Latin America, Africa and Middle East for General Motors.
“Brazil’s truck fleet is on average eight years old so new sales should start in 2010.” Davi Lunardi, Supply Chain Director, Iveco Latin America
“Evaluating logistics activities isn’t an occasional photo but a daily discipline. KPIs don't lie.” Carlos Panitz, Material Planning and Logistics Manager of MWM-International Motors.
“The only division between suppliers and Ford [at its Camaçari plant in the northeast of Brazil] is the yellow line on the floor.” Ford’s Edson Molina, Materials Planning and Logistics Director South America.
“Brazil has always seen itself as the country of the future and with much promise, but now Brazil has passed that stage and has achieved sustainable growth.” Stephan Gruener, Managing Director of LSP BMS.
“We should try to form partnerships and consortiums to share shipments and loads in containers to cut costs. We can look at the market as a group and share gains.” Katía Bednikovs, South America Logistics and Indirect Material Purchasing Manager at Lear Brazil.