Toyota Motor Europe has officially started of operations at its newly relocated parts centre in Illescas, 40km south of Madrid. The company had its previous centre to the north of the capital at San Agustín de Guadalix.
Toyota has invested €26.7m ($33.3m) in the new 19,600m_ facility, called Toyota Parts Centre España (TPCES), which houses around 290,000 different parts serving 166 Toyota and Lexus dealerships in Spain. The service coverage for TPCES in Spain has now increased to 75%, up from 57% at the previous Guadalix centre, including the newly added Catalonia region.
"The improvement has to do with both geographic reasons and improved operations," said a spokesman for TME. "At the previous location, the Catalonia region was served by Toyota Parts Centre South of France in Le Pouzin due to geographic restraints and capacity restrictions in the previous location in SA de Guadelix. Catalonia is now served by TPCES following its relocation. The improved lean operations ensure efficient parts availability and delivery to customers."
Toyota told Automotive Logistics News that its deliveries from the TPCES are predominantly road based to ensure the shortest possible lead time and that it was working with logistics provider UTi for the distribution of parts to dealerships in Spain.
However, Toyota is also studying potential opportunities to support deliveries by short sea from its central European parts hub in Diest, Belgium to the new centre in Spain.
"The preliminary studies are currently at an early phase, but we are mindful of our commitment to ensure the most sustainable method of transport," said the spokesperson.
TPCES forms part of 14 Toyota Parts Logistics Centres in Europe that supply parts for all 12.8m Toyota and Lexus vehicles across the region. The new centre will operate on Toyota's lean concept and is designed to ensure that more than 96% of parts are available for delivery when ordered.
The relocation project officially kicked off in March, 2011 when Toyota Motor Europe president and CEO Didier Leroy laid the first foundation stone of the main warehouse building.