Blue IQ, an agency of The Gauteng Department of Economic Development in South Africa, has outlined a major new development for a logistics hub at Tshwane between the vehicle and component production centres at Rosslyn and Silverton in Pretoria. Ford and BMW both have assembly facilities in the area.
According to Blue IQ there is a need for enhanced supply chain improvements in the region to enable just-in-time delivery and to deal with the expected increase in freight for vehicle makers in the region. The agency has identified that goods are currently taking too long to reach the vehicle and component production plants around Tshwane.
The proposals are for the establishment of an automotive city logistics triangle between the Rosslyn and Silverton production centres and the metro area. Land procurement contracts are reported to be in the final stages and completion of the project is targeted for 2020.
The automotive logistics hub is one of three developments. The second is for a new hub at Tambo Springs near Heidelberg for general manufacturing and the third for a hub on the West Rand focusing on agricultural products.
Several factors are driving the projects, including the need for more goods entering and exiting the province to be moved by rail in an effort to avoid congestion on the roads, which is increasing. The move also aims to reduce growing emissions levels in the area and remove the risk of traffic accidents.