The Ukrainian government has awarded three executives from E.H.Harms Automobile Logistics Ukraine with the Honorary Certificate of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers for outstanding services to the country.
Pavel Byglevski (pictured), manager of the joint venture, was joined by ViDi Group managers Ruslan Semchuk and Viacheslav Bevza “for [their] special and important contribution to restructuring the national economy, and promoting business activity and market infrastructure”.
E.H.Harms Automobile Logistics Ukraine was established as a joint venture between E.H. Harms GmbH & Co Automobile Logistics and ViDi Group in August 2007.
The award is the highest given by the Ukrainian government and was personally presented by Prime Minister Julia Tymoshenko.
At the prize-giving ceremony, the Prime Minister emphasised the fact that “the lion’s share of the fight against the crisis in Ukraine lies in the hands of our country’s entrepreneurs – in the hands of those who further develop their businesses and support the market”.
Ukraine was hit hard by last year’s downturn and the country's economy remains fragile amid fears the International Monetary Fund may not release the next tranche of its pledged $16.4 billion loan because of concerns over the government's control of the budget deficit and inflation according to analysts. The next instalment of $3.8 billion is due in November.