Finished vehicle transporter United Road has bought fellow US carrier Autolog Auto Transport and expanded its national network with the addition of more than 100 pick-up and delivery locations.
Autolog is credited as the company that introduced the transport of privately-owned vehicles and the acquisition will give its customers an enclosed vehicle carrier service through United Road’s speciality carrier service for high-value and prototype vehicles – Pilot Transport.
The acquisition is the first since private equity firm Gores Group bought United Road in November 2007.
As the automotive and vehicle logistics industries evolve, and the requirements of our various clients change, so must the solutions we can offer,” said United Road’s CEO Michael Wysocki. “Autolog has a proven track record in providing exceptional single unit transport services. The addition of Autolog will offer great value to clients, new and shared, by driving logistics network efficiencies, combining traffic, filling empty miles, developing contemporary services and devising new routes.”
United Road is the US’s third largest vehicle carrier and its fleet consists of more than 1,100 company-owned vehicles and 2,500 associate carriers. It is the largest shipper of privately owned and single unit vehicles in the US for internet-based vehicle auctions.
“The addition of Autolog’s logistic corridors and network of pick-up and delivery locations will create a new wave of integration for point-to-point vehicle shipping on a national basis,” added Wysocki. “This will reduce costs, improve customer service and conquer the logistics challenge of purchasing and transporting vehicles through online transactions.”