Following a tenure agreement signed in May this year, freight, logistics and supply chain management expert UPS is now implementing the co-ordination of supply chain operations for US-based vehicle remarketing provider, Manheim.
UPS anticipates an 18- to 24-month timeframe to complete the move of all of Manheim's operating locations, including dealerships, carmakers, car rental companies and financial institutions, onto its own network to provide one-point contact for the movement of used vehicles.
The contract involves the movement of those vehicles to the wholesale market in the US, and takes over a substantial amount of activity previously handled inhouse by Manheim.
According to Wayne Cabeza, director of UPS's Automotive Industry Solutions Group (pictured), the company is coordinating Manheim’s existing carrier base and arranging pick-up and drop-off of vehicles bound for Manheim's 77 operating locations in the US.
Using UPS-owned software developed for this contract in conjunction with Manheim’s existing client information, UPS is coordinating and dispatching requests from all of Manheim's operating locations, enabling it to make cost-effective plans such as consolidating multiple shipments from one region into one delivery. UPS also will provide Manheim with consistent transport paperwork, payment terms and processes.
"Manheim will be able to leverage UPS's logistics expertise, vast carrier base and global transportation network to provide significant value for its customers," said Cabeza. "The benefits will be more consistent, quality service along with one point of contact to manage all transportation needs."