Polish vehicle transport and logistics provider Adampol has bought an electronic Customs Simplified Procedure that licences it to perform customs clearance on behalf of the Polish customs office. The authorisation will extend to import and exports (TIR and T1). 

The company hopes that the new legislation will improve cost-saving and efficiency. According to Adampol there is no longer a need for transporters to physically present the goods they carry, or wait in line for a clearance officer. At the same time Adampol will not have to organise parking procedures for vehicles waiting at customs. The company said it hoped the new procedure would lead to a quicker processing of its client orders. 

The communication between customs officials and the authorised company will now be carried out electronically. 
 “Simplified customs procedures facilitate the business of traders, by reducing customs formalities and control before the release of goods,” said a spokesperson for the company. “They are a key element of EU customs policy for import. The implementation of this procedures means taking over by entities possessing the status of Authorised Economic Operator all formalities for customs clearance.” 

According to Krzysztof Danilczyk, head of Adampol's customs department, the main benefit of the simplified procedures is "an improvement of clearance time. We do not have to carry documents to the Customs Office, and therefore we custom-clear one truck in just one hour, saving our clients up to four hours." 
"We obtained this type of simplification for our clients, to increase their competitiveness,” Danilczyk added.