“Changjiu Station” is established covering most of the capital cities of China, and provides a networked intensive and professional modern warehousing service system.


With its standardized workflow in the warehousing and information management system, Changjiu warehousing can meet the different demands of contract customers and bulk customers. The company’s business covers many areas such as vehicles, parts and spare parts. At present, Changjiu has established a network service system with car warehousing, distribution, financial supervision and parts after-sales service functions. The system can provide customers with integrated warehousing services and other kinds of services within the supply chain.

Service scope:

1. Services for OEMs

  • Site warehousing
  • Terminal warehousing
  • Railway distribution warehousing
  • Front warehousing
  • Parts warehousing


2. Service for C-side customers

  • E-commerce warehousing
  • 4S store warehousing
  • Financial business warehousing
  • Warehousing-distribution integrated