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    Cosco Shipping Lines hit by cyber-attack


    Cosco Shipping Lines has restored network services to its America regions following a ransomware attack that took out local email and telephone connections last week, delaying services and temporarily affecting its global business. On July 25 the company was forced to isolate internal networks and shutdown connections within its American ...

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    Piraeus bumps up handling charges for vehicle imports


    The Greek port of Piraeus is increasing the amount it charges for finished vehicle handling by more than 34% in a move that has taken those loading and unloading vehicles there by surprise. According to the current schedule, rates for a car under 3 tonnes are increasing from €33.92 ($41.8) ...

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    Sharp rise in global transport and logistics deals in third quarter


    The latest PWC Deals quarterly report on the global transport and logistics (T&L) sector has revealed a 37% increase in the value of mergers and acquisitions, compared to a year earlier.Overall, the sector reported 71 transactions (up 15% year-on-year) worth $43.3 billion during the third quarter of the year, experiencing ...

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    Cosco Shipping makes $6.3 billion bid for OOIL


    Cosco Shipping lines is leading a bid to buy rival Orient Overseas (International) Ltd (OOIL) for HK$49.25 billion ($6.3 billion), as consolidation in the shipping industry continues.OOIL is the seventh largest container shipping company in the world, with extensive container shipping routes and networks. Cosco Shipping is currently the fourth ...